Electric Screwdriver

SUMAKE specializes in design and manufacture of electric screwdrivers which are widely used in various applications.

The electric screwdriver features excellent torque control to ensure accurancy in fastening, ergonomics and anti-slip egg-shaped design to ensure comfortable operation, high accuracy, wide large torque range, low noise high efficiency, and more.


Smart Tool (7)

As technology improves to the new level, assembly design has become more and more complex. DC electric system drive the central forces of innovation, not only for Industry 4.0 but also for other “smart” megatrends, such as smart production and smart factories. A single SMT tool can remember up to 50 job sequences with 99 programs, saving space and Increasing production efficiency.
Smart controller are devices, which generate the data and allow further functionality from self-monitoring and self-configuration to condition monitoring of complex processes.