• Spindle Type Automatic Screw Feeding Module

Spindle Type Automatic Screw Feeding Module

modelo : SAF-100S,SAF-100G

●It can be mounted in the fully-automated assembly line. After fixing the mold in place, it will complete the fastening automatically.
Or, it can also be used in semi-auto assembly station and the operator only needs to pick and load the workpiece.
Easier for setting the torque without any tools.
The bit can be easily replaced in 60 seconds.
It achieves 30 screw operation per minute.
It can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any other angle.
Torque detection. No signal output before reaching the torque value.
Fastening end detection included. No signal output before reaching the position.
Short supply detection (Optional).
Specifically designed and manufactured for automatic production line.


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